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Fast and Flexible Portable Projectors with Long-life Lamp

The PT-LB425 Series combines vivid picture quality and fantastic cost-efficiency in a compact body. Breakthrough lamp technology extends lifespan up to 20,000 hours*1, significantly reducing your overheads. The flexible, wireless-ready, easy-to-use projectors bring media to life in classrooms and office spaces.


4,100 lm XGA (1024 x 768)
16,000:1 Wireless Capability*2

Brilliant Performance in a Compact Body

Up to 4,100 lm with 16,000:1 Contrast

Power and technology combine in a compact and lightweight body delivering brightness from 3,100 lm to 4,100 lm* at highest-ever 16,000:1 contrast. The result is easy-to-see pictures that resist washout.

* PT-LB425 (4,100 lm), PT-LB385 (3,800 lm), PT-LW375 (3,600 lm), PT-LB355 (3,300 lm), PT-LW335/LB305 (3,100 lm).

Long-life Lamp Reduces Cost

Breakthrough technology extends lamp replacement to 20,000 hours*. Longer lamp-life is achieved by reducing degradation and by improving cooling capabilities. Enjoy bright picture quality, low TCO, and less downtime for maintenance.

* Lamp life is approximately 20,000 hours in Eco Mode and approximately 10,000 hours in Normal/Quiet Mode. Lamp replacement time varies depending on operating environment and usage conditions.

Daylight View Lite

Daylight View Lite optimizes color and brightness according to ambient lighting levels. This function is easily accessed using the supplied remote control.

Quiet 30 dB Operation for Distraction-free Viewing

Operating noise is as low as 30 dB*, reducing the chance of distraction during presentations or quiet video scenes.

* With Lamp Mode is set to Quiet.

Easy Setup and Management

1.2x Zoom Versatility

The projector includes a 1.2x zoom lens to support a wide range of projection throw-distances. This is useful when presenting in different installation environments.

Note: Above throw-distance is for PT-LW375/LW335 in 16:10 aspect ratio producing a 100-inch image. PT-LB425/LB385/LB355/LB305 requires 3.0 m–3.6 m throw-distance and 4:3 aspect ratio for a 100-inch image.

Corner Keystone Correction for Angled Projection

If on-site conditions call for off-axis projection, simply designate four screen corners and Horizontal & Vertical Corner Keystone Correction performs necessary adjustments for distortion-free image presentation.

* PT-LB305 features vertical keystone correction only.

Curved Screen Correction

Barrel and pincushion distortions are easily corrected when projecting onto a curved screen surface such as black- or whiteboards.

* Excluding PT-LB305.

Easy Lamp and Filter Replacement

To reduce hassle, the filter can be replaced via the side and the lamp from the top of the projector. There’s no need to remove the unit from its ceiling mount for periodic maintenance.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software

This free Panasonic software offers monitoring and control of up to 2,048 devices over a LAN network from a single PC. For monitoring, status for individual devices can be listed in groups, with more detailed information shown separately. Control functions include power ON/OFF.

* Excluding PT-LB305.

List of Compatible Device Models

Practical Features That Simplify Daily Usage

Project Wirelessly with Optional Module*1

Optional ET-WML100 Wireless Module lets presenters share media from PC or mobile wirelessly to the big screen using Presenter Light software for Windows® or Wireless Projector app for iOS and Android™ devices*2.

Presenter Light for Windows® PCs

  • • Supports images, video, and documents such as PDF and PowerPoint®
  • • Mirrors PC screen on the big screen
  • • Project media from up to four PCs simultaneously in Split Screen Mode

Software Download

Note: When using Presenter Light Software, images are projected with 1280 x 800 dots or 1024 x 768 dots onto the screen. Also, your PC display resolution may be forcibly changed, and audio playback disrupted or become noisy, while images and sound are being transmitted.

Wireless Projector for tablets and PCs

  • • Captured image by iOS device with camera, other images, or document files can be projected in real-time.
  • • Supports Marker function that allows to draw lines on images, documents, or web pages with your finger and to be projected.

Software Download [iOS]

Software Download [Android]

Note: When using the Wireless Projector app, display resolution differs depending on your iOS device and the display device. The maximum supported display resolution is WXGA (1280 x 800).

*1 Excluding PT-LB305.

*2 Download free from the App Store or Google Play. Please check device and OS requirements before download and installation.

Memory Viewer Light

Insert a USB memory device into the USB port and start projecting stored content straight away without need of a connected PC. The USB media player supports a variety of image files, such as JPEG and PNG. Start your presentation right away without having to connect to a computer.

* Excluding PT-LB305.

USB Display Function

Transmission of audio and video content via PC to the projector is supported over USB cable with the projector set to USB Display Mode. No need to install software, just plug and play and start presenting immediately.

* Excluding PT-LB305. Audio transmission not supported with Mac OS.

Direct Power Off

Projectors with Direct Power Off function allow you to switch off the projector and unplug the power cord right after use. You can safely turn off the room’s breaker switch without waiting for the projector to cool down. This is useful in applications where the projector is mounted on the ceiling, or in time-critical situations.












型號 PT-LB425
投影機類型 液晶投影機
液晶面板 面板尺寸 16.0mm(0.63吋)對角線(長寬比4:3)
顯示方式 透明LCD面板(x3、R/G/B)
驅動方式 主動矩陣方式
像素 786,432(1024×768),總計2,359,296像素
燈泡 230Wx1燈泡
燈泡更換週期*1 正常模式:10,000小時/節能模式:20,000小時/安靜模式: 10,000小時
光源輸*2(燈泡功率:正常) 4,100流明
濾網更換週期 正常模式:5,000小時/節能模式:6,000小時/安靜模式: 10,000小時
解析度 1021×768像素(超過此解析度的輸入信號將轉換為1024×768像素)
對比*2 16,000:1(全白/全黑、光圈: 開、影像模式: 動態、燈泡控制: 正常)
螢幕尺寸(對角線) 0.76-7.62m (30-300吋)、長寬比4:3
中心到角落的均勻度*2 85%
鏡頭 手動變焦(1.2X),手動對焦鏡頭。F = 1.6~1.7、f=19.16-23.02mm、投射比: 1.48-1.78:1
梯形校正範圍 垂直 ±30°(自動、手動)
水平 ±15°(手動)
安裝 天花板/地板、前/後
端子 HDMI輸入 HDMI 19P x1、HDCP相容、深色相容、音頻信號: 線性PCM(採樣頻率: 48kHz、44.1kHz、32kHz)
電腦1輸入 D-sub HD 15針(內孔) x1 [RGB/S-視頻/YPB(CB) PR (CR)]
電腦2輸入 D-sub HD 15針(內孔) x1 [RGB]
監視器輸出 D-sub HD 15針(內孔) x1 [RGB]
視頻輸入 針式插孔x1
音頻輸入1 M3(L,R) x1
音頻輸入2 針式插孔x2(L,R)
音頻輸出 M3(L、R)x1 (可變)
區域網路(LAN) RJ-45×1 用於網路連接、10Base-T/100Base-TX、PJink(1類) 相容
串行輸入 D-sub 9P(內孔) x1 作為外部控制(RS-232C相容)
USB A USB A型(適用Memory Viewer Light [DC])
USB B USB B型 (適用USB顯示器)
電源供應 AC 110V, 60Hz
消耗功率 300W (設定正常待機模式)6W,設定節能待機模式為0.5W*3)
內建喇叭 10W單聲道
機殼材料 樹酯成型品
操作噪音*2 正常模式: 39dB、節能模式: 35dB、安靜模式: 30dB
尺寸(寬x高x深) 335mm x 96 mm(最短的調整腳位置)x 252mm(13 3/16″ x 3 25/32″ x 9 29/32″)
重量*4 約2.9kg (6.4lbs)
操作環境 操作溫度: 正常使用: 5-40°C (41-104°F)[海拔低於1,400m (4,593ft)]、5-35°C(41-95°F)[位於海拔1,400-2,700m(4,593-8,858 ft)] 操作濕度: 20-80%(無凝結)
隨附配件 無線遙控器x1、電源線x1(電源線的數量和尺寸因地區而異)、使用說明書(基本指南)、遙控器電池(R03/LR03/AAA型x2)、電腦纜線x1
應用軟體 多重裝置監控軟體、Presenter Light軟體(適用Windows);